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I'm trying to get a list of stored procedures in t-sql. I am using the line:

exec sys.sp_stored_procedures;

I would like to filter the results back though, so I only get user created stored procedures. I would like to filter out sp_*, dt_*, fn_*, xp_* and everything else that is a system stored procedure and no interest to me. How can I manipulate the result set returned?

Using Sql Server 2008 express.

Solved! Here is what I used:

SELECT name FROM sys.procedures
WHERE [type] = 'P'
AND name NOT LIKE 'sp_%'
AND name NOT LIKE 'dt_%'
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The title of this question doesn't match the solution, could the title be edited to 'how to list stored procedures'? – Robin Bennett Apr 26 '10 at 10:14
I agree, the title was terrible. I have updated it. – DanDan Apr 27 '10 at 13:51
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Rather than using the Stored Procedure you can use the following views:

Select * From sys.procedures
Where [Type] = 'P'


Select * From Information_Schema.Routines
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Thanks! I'll put the full solution back into my question. – DanDan Mar 26 '10 at 10:40

Select items from the sysobjects table and use a where clause xtype = 'P' for stored procedures and filter on name.

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SELECT [Routine_Name]
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