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Ive been searching for an answer for this with no luck.

Maybe somone here can help me.

I have this csv with 2 columns

ColA    ColB

Mark     prim
Mark     sec
Mark     prim
John     prim
Mark    sec

I need a macro that counts unique data. ColA must be unique and must contain "prim" in ColB.

The result from the above example Is 2. Mark prim John prim

Thanks !

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Define a Collection, and successively add items to it from ColA exactly when ColB is equal to "prim". Then output the contents of the collection.

Use the text value ot ColA as the Item Key, and the RowNumber as the Item Value if you need to connect items back to their first occurrence in ColA.

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Hi! I dont know how to do that, thats not done as a macro? – zlatek Aug 10 '14 at 1:36

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