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Running Ubuntu 14.04LTS and my end goal is to update my version of gnutls28 from 3.2.11 to 3.2.12 in response to CVE-2014-0092. I have ran a apt-get upgrade libgnutls28 however it does not get the latest package and I remain on 3.2.11. So I head over to the gnutls page for a manual download and grab 3.2.16. While compiling it tells me that I need nettle and gmplib. So I download nettle 2.7.1. While following the instructions here - http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/blfs/view/svn/postlfs/nettle.html

I can run configure but on the make it fails - below is what I get on the last few lines of execution:

&& true
m4 ./asm.m4 machine.m4 config.m4 aes-decrypt-internal.asm >aes-decrypt-internal.sT \
&& test -s aes-decrypt-internal.sT && mv -f aes-decrypt-internal.sT aes-decrypt-in
/bin/sh: 1: m4: not found
make[1]: * [aes-decrypt-internal.s] Error 127
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/brian/nettle-2.7.1'
make: *
[all] Error 2

Can anyone tell me how to resolve this or maybe if there is an easier way to force apt-get to get a newer version of gnutls so I can avoid all this old school compiling?


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