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I am wondering if there is a graphical ide and scripting language combo that allows for maintaining of state across runs. The criteria would be:

  • After a run of the program, the variable can be inspected/viewed in an ide window (I won't call it a debugger since that might imply the program is still running).
  • If you close the ide session, the variables are gone and no cleanup is needed (so this might preclude file storage mechanisms)
  • No extra imports or statements in the code other than possibly variable assignment
  • This would ideally be achievable at least one of two ways, as explained below

1) Programmatically assigning a variable (or variables) at run time to a "persistent" scope and/or 2) Allowing for a runtime debugger that lets you 1) hit a debug point, 2) select a variable in the current debug context then 3) assign it to this persistent scope (or to "tag" it in some other way so that the ide persists it across runs)

My scripting experience is limited to Python, mostly in Sublime Text or notepad. I have looked at the documentation for pickle and shelve modules which seem close, but don't fit all the criteria above (extra statements needed). I'm sure there must be at least one combo that lets you do this. Thanks.

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