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I have a Web API project that returns some product data. It negotiates the return type correctly depending on the Accept header (JSON/XML) of the request. The problem is, if no Accept header is specified it returns XML, but I want it to return JSON by default

http://website.com/MyPage?type=json // returns json
http://website.com/MyPage?type=xml // returns xml
http://website.com/MyPage // returns xml by default

Here is my current code looks like:

new QueryStringMapping("type", "xml", new MediaTypeHeaderValue("application/xml")));

new QueryStringMapping("type", "json", new MediaTypeHeaderValue("application/json")));
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I think Web API just uses the first formatter it can find in the Formatters collection. You can change the ordering with something like

GlobalConfiguration.Configuration.Formatters.Add(new JsonMediaTypeFormatter());
GlobalConfiguration.Configuration.Formatters.Add(new XmlMediaTypeFormatter());

But it seems the JSON formatter should be the first one by default so you might want to check if you're already modifying this collection somewhere.

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