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I'm new in Apache Shiro and was trying to authenticate user credential during login. But I the following error is coming everytime -

ERROR [org.apache.shiro.realm.jdbc.JdbcRealm] (http-localhost- There was a SQL error while authenticating user [11112222]: 

java.sql.SQLException: Invalid column index
    at oracle.jdbc.driver.OraclePreparedStatement.setStringInternal(OraclePreparedStatement.java:5303) [ojdbc6.jar:]
 . . . . .

The shiro.ini file is as below :


jdbcRealm = org.apache.shiro.realm.jdbc.JdbcRealm jdbcRealm.permissionsLookupEnabled = true

# datasource ds = oracle.jdbc.pool.OracleConnectionPoolDataSource ds.URL = jdbc:oracle:thin:@localhost:1521:WBORCLSTDONE ds.user = wisebankdblive24112013 ds.password = issac123 jdbcRealm.dataSource = $ds jdbcRealm.authenticationQuery = "SELECT password FROM WB_NETB_USER_MASTER WHERE loginid = ?"

# definition of matcher matching hashes instead of passwords sha256Matcher = org.apache.shiro.authc.credential.HashedCredentialsMatcher sha256Matcher.hashAlgorithmName=SHA-256

# enabling matcher in iniRealm (object responsible for authentication) jdbcRealm.credentialsMatcher = $sha256Matcher




# enabling authc filter for all application pages 

I have written a login service where the login was attempted through these following steps as below -

            //1. Loading the INI configuration
               IniSecurityManagerFactory factory =  new IniSecurityManagerFactory("shiro.ini");

            //2. Creating the SecurityManager
            RealmSecurityManager realmSecurityManager = (RealmSecurityManager) factory.getInstance();

            //3. Making it accessible
            SecurityUtils.setSecurityManager((org.apache.shiro.mgt.SecurityManager) realmSecurityManager);

            //4. Creating Token 
             UsernamePasswordToken token = new UsernamePasswordToken(login.getLoginid(), login.getPassword());

             //5. Obtaining the current Subject:
             Subject currentUser = SecurityUtils.getSubject();

             try {
             //6. Login:

             //7. Checking Authenticated
                     System.out.println("Successful Login ----- !!");

              catch(AuthenticationException aex){
                return null;
             catch (Exception ex) {
                 System.out.println("Incorrect username/password!");
                 return null;

I have found during debugging the following line causes error :


It is showing - "ERROR - java.sql.SQLException: Invalid column index ...."

Can anybody please advice me where is the mistake and how to resolve it ?

Many thanks,

Jayanta P.

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Did you paste the shiro.ini correctly? The way it is stated, all the jdbc stuff is commented-out.. –  Wouter Aug 10 '14 at 11:07

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