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I have an SQL table in Azure that I'm trying to update from a scheduler script like so:

            var updatesTable = tables.getTable('myTable');
            var updatedRecord;              
            updatedRecord = {
                            ArmastChanged: 'False'

This gives me an "invalid id value specified" error in the log when I try running it. I have one row in the table with an id of 1. I've tried putting quotations around the 1 and various other things but nothing helps. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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I ran into the same error if I made a schema change outside of the Azure portal or CLI. I was able to resolve the issue by re-saving one of my API scripts through the portal that was using the table. Not sure if it has to be a script that uses the table or something AMS is doing when any script is saved.

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Thank you for this answer. I tried slightly changing the script and saving it (just for the sake of re-saving) but it didn't seem to help. Can you clarify what you did? Maybe I'm missing something. Thank you so much! –  user3799127 Oct 7 '14 at 18:12
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In the end I solved this by changing the schedule script to

var sql;

sql = "UPDATE [Table] SET [Field]=0 WHERE id=1";            


and this worked.

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