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I'm using MVP pattern and exceptions are handled in presenter. User messages like "Update Successful", "No matching records in DB" etc will be generated by a separate UserMassage service class available to presenters. (As the messaging is a responsibility of presenter)

So I just want to know how the presenters know whether the DAL method has updated/ deleted rows or failed?

My current approach is shown in this sample DAL method in DataService class

    public void DeletePoint(string pid)
        string updateStatement = "IF NOT EXISTS (SELECT PID FROM Attendance WHERE PID = @pid )" + 
                                 "UPDATE Point SET Point.deleted = GETDATE() WHERE PID = @pid";

        using (SqlConnection sqlConnection = new SqlConnection(db.ConnectionString))
        using (SqlCommand sqlCommand = new SqlCommand(updateStatement, sqlConnection))
            sqlCommand.Parameters.Add("@pid", SqlDbType.VarChar).Value = pid;

            var RowsAffected = sqlCommand.ExecuteNonQuery();
            if (RowsAffected > 0)
                throw new Exception("Updated Sucessfully");
                throw new Exception("Update was not Successful");
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Exceptions are certainly the wrong solution. I'm not familiar with MVP but I would expect a message with a int RowCount property. –  Henk Holterman Aug 10 '14 at 10:15

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You can use @@ROWCOUNT to get the number of affected rows in the database. Then return this in your DAL method to the presenter or service calling the DAL.

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