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I am creating an app, which is supposed to have a SplitViewController, but the Master View is on the right side, and the Detail View is on the left side. I am achieving this by modifying the frames of the MasterViewController and the DetailViewController with below code in the viewDidLayoutSubview function.

    // Adjust the width of the master view

    CGRect masterViewFrame = masterViewController.view.frame;
    CGFloat deltaX = masterViewFrame.size.width - kMasterViewWidth;
    masterViewFrame.size.width -= deltaX;
    masterViewController.view.frame = masterViewFrame;

    // Adjust the width of the detail view

    CGRect detailViewFrame = detailViewController.view.frame;
    detailViewFrame.origin.x -= deltaX;
    detailViewFrame.size.width += deltaX;
    detailViewController.view.frame = detailViewFrame;

    [masterViewController.view setNeedsLayout];
    [detailViewController.view setNeedsLayout];

Will such app be approved in the App Store without being rejected. This is the first time I'm doing such customization, and I'm not too aware about the strictness of the Apple HIG

Someone with prior experience in such customizations, and the approval process, please advice.

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Only Apple can say for sure, but you are probably going to be OK. They are guidelines, not laws –  Paulw11 Aug 10 '14 at 11:18

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