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What is happening is I think my code is selecting the data first (basically old data) then updating it but what I want is for it to update then select the data (new data). How can I do this?

I am going to post where it goes wrong and if you need the full code just ask:

        $select_links = $db->query("SELECT pid, added_by,link_title,lid,link_order FROM " . TABLE_PREFIX . "homepage_links WHERE pid='$pid' 
         ORDER BY link_order DESC LIMIT $start,$show");
    $check_link_count_rows = $db->num_rows($select_links);
    echo "<b> You Current Have " . $check_link_count_rows . " Links On Your Page: </b><br>";
    echo "<form action='' method='POST'>
    while($select_links_array = $db->fetch_array($select_links)) {
    $link_title_display = $select_links_array['link_title'];
    $link_id_display = $select_links_array['lid'];
    if(!$mybb->input["order_edit_$link_id_display"]) {
    $link_order_display = $select_links_array['link_order'];
    } else {
    $link_order_display = $mybb->input["order_edit_$link_id_display"];

    $order_edit_value1 = $mybb->input["order_edit_$link_id_display"];
    $order_edit_value = $db->escape_string($order_edit_value1);

    echo "<br>" . $link_title_display . " <a href='?operation=edit_links&link=$link_id_display'> (edit) </a>

    <input type='number' name='order_edit_$link_id_display' value='$link_order_display' style='width:40px;'>
    <input type='hidden' name='get_link_id_display_value_$link_id_display' value='$link_id_display'><br>


$get_link_id_display_value1 =  $mybb->input["get_link_id_display_value_$link_id_display"];
$get_link_id_display_value = $db->escape_string($get_link_id_display_value1);
    $update_quick_edit_query = $db->query("UPDATE spud_homepage_links SET link_order='$order_edit_value'
WHERE lid='$get_link_id_display_value'");

I cannot find a solution as everything is in the right place for it to work besides this bug.

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It does look like your UPDATE is at the end. Have you tried moving that part of the logic before the SELECT that reads the data? –  halfer Aug 10 at 11:49
Yes that's what i'm trying to do but since I am looping through fields in a while loop then getting values for the update to work I can't which complicates things as you can't even go before the while loop values and input post fields :/ and thanks for a reply! hoping to solve this –  TheEvilCoder Aug 10 at 11:51
Ah, if the first SELECT is required to set up data for the UPDATE, then just run another SELECT at the end before you render the screen. Are you doing the update in response to a form submission? What is its purpose? –  halfer Aug 10 at 11:55
The purpose for the select is both it also fetches the data and I can try and see how that goes :) but might screw how things are displayed but thanks for the help and advice :) –  TheEvilCoder Aug 10 at 11:58
Done :) and thanks loads again! –  TheEvilCoder Aug 10 at 13:26

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After a discussion in the comments, I determined that you were attempting to render a page after a post form submission that amends the database. It is perfectly possible to re-read your new database state and render it in a post operation, but it is inadvisable, since browsers cannot refresh the page without asking you if you wish to run the operation again. This does not make for a good user experience, especially in relation to using the back/forward buttons.

The reason for this behaviour is that post operations generally modify the database. They are used for example in credit card purchases or profile amendments where some change in the state of the server is expected. Thus, it is good practice to execute a new round-trip to the server, after the write operation, to change the page method from post to get.

The header() call I linked to will do this, and will resolve your rendering problem too.

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