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Im having problems loading my tmx level in andengine

 TMXLoader mLoader = new TMXLoader(getAssets(), getTextureManager(), 
 TextureOptions.NEAREST, getVertexBufferObjectManager(), 
 new ITMXTilePropertiesListener() {

        public void onTMXTileWithPropertiesCreated(TMXTiledMap pTMXTiledMap,
                TMXLayer pTMXLayer, TMXTile pTMXTile,
                TMXProperties<TMXTileProperty> pTMXTileProperties) {
            // TODO Auto-generated method stub

    try {
        mTiledMap = mLoader.loadFromAsset("mrsai_demo.tmx");
    } catch (TMXLoadException e) {
        // TODO Auto-generated catch block

running this gives me a null pointer at this line mTiledMap = mLoader.loadFromAsset("mrsai_demo.tmx");

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So it turns out andengine will give u a null pointer if the tile isnt filled in. To fix it just fill in each and every tile on your layer with Tiled.

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