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I am trying to use nnet in R, and encounter a problem for using softmax.

I am trying to builda three layer network, with input layer have 25 neurons, hidden layer have 25 neurons, output layer only have one neuron. Here is how to reproduce the problem.

X <- replicate(25, rnorm(40))
y <- sample(0:1,40,replace=T)

mynnet <- nnet(X, y, size = 25, 
                  softmax = T,
                  rang = 0.8, 
                  maxit = 2000, 

When I run this piece of code, I got a error:

Error in nnet.default(X, y, size = 25, 
softmax = T, rang = 0.8, maxit = 2000,  :
'softmax = TRUE' requires at least two response categories

What 'requires at least two response categories' means? And how to fix it? Thanks.

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softmax is meant for fitting classification networks with a factor response variable. If you have a real-valued response, you probably want to fit a regression neural network, which can be obtained with linout=TRUE.

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Thanks for you response. You makes me realized that I did not give the example data correctly. The y is categorical and should be 0 or 1. Now I updated the example data accordingly. – Bin Aug 10 '14 at 22:58

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