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I'm trying to filter webserver log files using grep. I need to output all lines containing 65.55. but exclude those matching lines which contain msnbot.

My starting point is this - but it doesn't work:

grep "^.*65\.55\..*(!msnbot).*$" ex100101.log > results.txt

I'm using grep for Windows (hence double quotes) but I doubt this matters.

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I'd just do it with two greps:

grep "65.55" ex100101.log | grep -v msnbot > results.txt
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normally, you use 2 greps. one to grep the pattern you want, the other with -v option to exclude the pattern. however you can use awk, which does it all in one process.

awk '/.*65\.55.*/ && !/msnbot/' ext100101.log >results.txt

you can download awk for windows here.

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If grep supports lookaheads, you could use

grep "^.*65\.55\.(?:.(?!msnbot))*$" ex100101.log > results.txt 
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This doesn't seem to produce any results in my setup –  NickG Mar 26 '10 at 15:22

The easiest thing is to pipe the output of the first command and exclude lines using grep -v

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The LOGFILE needs to be passed to the first grep, not the second. –  user9876 Mar 26 '10 at 13:28

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