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I have benchmarked my algorithm, it run for 1000 times. Now I have all time values and at this point it would be interesting to know the mean, standard deviation, median. The problem is that I don't know what is correct statistics to use to estimate these parameters. I'm not sure about using Normal distribution.

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Learn about statistics. There are lots of books, guides, papers and introductions out there (1,2,3, 4)
There are also lots of libraries which implements default statistical methods:

And also one last hint: For a quick (initial) result I often use excel and its diagram functions. It supports some statistical methods with which you can play around a bit to see in which direction you may continue....

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That really depends on what distribution your workload experiences, so you would not be able to answer generically to this.

But there is a trick: if you go one step forward, and do several iterations, each consisting of N calls, and compute, say, average time/throughput for the entire iteration. Then, for a large N and consistent workload behavior across the calls, the iteration scores may be subject to Central Limit Theorem, which can turn them into normally distributed.

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