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In my project I use an HSQLDB instance to serve for unit tests, and I do this by conveniently declaring a <jdbc:embedded-database> tag as Spring's doc said here.

Now for some reason I'd like to give it multiple names: name="a,b,c", just like we usually do on normal Spring beans. However, I found the tag doesn't allow "name" attribute.

Maybe I can workaround this using aliases, but it seems ridiculous to me.

EDIT: I want to know why Spring doesn't provide "name" for many special tags such as <jdbc:embedded-database>, <util:list>, etc.

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Your idea is not a workaround and not ridiculous at all. In fact Spring parses the name of a bean definition separating it using comma as separator and create an alias internally for each "name".

If you open the source code of org.springframework.beans.factory.xml.AbstractBeanDefinitionParser.parse(Element, ParserContext), you will see this on line 69:

String[] aliases = new String[0];
String name = element.getAttribute(NAME_ATTRIBUTE);
if (StringUtils.hasLength(name)) {
    aliases = StringUtils.trimArrayElements(StringUtils.commaDelimitedListToStringArray(name));
BeanDefinitionHolder holder = new BeanDefinitionHolder(definition, id, aliases);

that is what you suggested from the beginning.

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Thank you for pointing out aliases are quite a standard way. But I still don't get why Spring doesn't provide "name" for many special tags such as <jdbc:embedded-database>, <util:list> etc. I think "name" attributes are more widely used. Besides, as a framework, having different configuration conventions makes Spring looks inconsistent. –  fwonce Aug 11 '14 at 2:14

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