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I have a spring boot application and I want to use both a yml file for my application properties and also a plain application-${profile}.properties file set to configure my application.

So my question is can this be done and if so, how do you configure spring boot to look for both the yml file and the properties and merge them into one set per environment?

As to why I want/need to use both, it is because I like the flexibility and ease of use of yml files but an internal component (for encryption) requires using the properties file set.

I did see this point being made YAML files can’t be loaded via the @PropertySource annotation

but nothing stating whether both can be used together.

Please provide detailed configuration (XML or Java config) on how to get this working.



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I can answer my own question, as it just works as you would expect. The application.yml file and the appropriate application-${profile}.properties both get loaded and merged into the environment.

Spring boot just makes this work naturally. It usually does. Awesome!


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I would suggest the reference documentation be updated to clarify if this answer is correct. Right now the language in the guide makes it sound like its either or but not both. Let me know if I should open up a JIRA ticket to get this updated. –  Scott C. Aug 12 '14 at 14:56
I concur, this is why I have decided to Google the matter and hence arrived here :) –  theadam Feb 2 at 0:24

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