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I am using the nth-child to add red to some specific numbers and it not working. Can someone show how this can be fixed or alternate way to do this using JQuery or CSS? As thisis being generated. Is there a way to select a range to highlight some numbers?

p.range:nth-child(n+2):nth-child(-n+4) {

<p class="range"> 123345232</p>

the output should be only 233 should be red

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What is the expected selection? –  Francisco Presencia Aug 10 at 20:48
:nth-child pseudo-class looks for the HTML nodes not the text content. One approach is wrapping each number by a <span> element and trying to select the correct <span>. –  Hashem Qolami Aug 10 at 20:49
the number are being generated. .. i had tried <span class="range">12345678</span> –  user244394 Aug 10 at 20:54
@user244394 If they're being generated try to put each number in a separate <span> element like so: <p class="range"> <span>1</span><span>2</span>...</p> and the selector would be: p.range > span:nth-child(n+2):nth-child(-n+4). Example Here. –  Hashem Qolami Aug 10 at 21:04
@hashem - Thanks . but I cant insert span as its being generates random number for example : $7005679.456 . I was hoping there is simpler way to just highlight a specific range of numbers. –  user244394 Aug 10 at 21:07

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You could use a little bit of jQuery to add a <span> aroud each number. This code will do it (if you're already using jquery):

var numbers = $(".range").html().replace(/\s/g, '').split("");
var spans = "<span>" + numbers.join("</span>\n<span>") + "</span>";

And the JSFiddle. I did not make the CSS though, I leave that for you. A slight modification to the CSS you provided made it work fine with the javascript.

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