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I am writing my own app using spring mvc (restful webservice) and hibernate. The problem is, that I have my method in controller that is mapped to url: PUT /report/

and now, in the request body I send the JSON representation of Report entity. When I run the server, add some entities and then try to edit one, the first attempt succeed but the second and every next fails and returns http 400 code. So it acts like it could be edited just once? strange

Here is my code:


public class ReportHibernateRepository implements ReportRepository {
    private EntityManager entityManager;

    //.......other methods............
    public Report update(Report report) {
        Report report1 = entityManager.find(Report.class, report.getId());
        return report1;


public class ReportService {
    private ReportRepository reportRepository;

    //..........other methods...........    
    public Report update(Report report){
        return reportRepository.update(report);


@RequestMapping(value = "/report")
public class ReportController {
    private ReportService reportService;

    //.........other methods...........
    @RequestMapping(value = "/", method = RequestMethod.PUT)
    public void update(@RequestBody Report report){

Does anybody know what's the problem?

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First things first. Shouldn't you PUT with an ID? PUT /report/1234? For creating new entities without an id use POST. Also, are there any exception being logged on the server? –  Anthony Accioly Aug 10 at 21:17
yes I should and I am going to change it soon(I will ignore the ID from json and rely only on the one from url), but first I have to figure out why does it not want to edit my entities :P unfortunatelly there is no log in my IDE –  azalut Aug 10 at 21:20
everything i got is this: The request sent by the client was syntactically incorrect (). Looks like my JSON is wrong, but just by the second attempt? thought its the same –  azalut Aug 10 at 21:27
you mean, system out println in controller? –  azalut Aug 10 at 21:42
Yes, or properly enable logging so that we don't have to resort to something so ugly hehehe :). –  Anthony Accioly Aug 10 at 21:43

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