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I've written a simple Java applet to generate a technical image based upon some data in a CSV file. I'm passing in the CSV file as a parameter to the applet:

<applet code = "assaymap.AssayMapApplet" archive = "http://localhost/applet_test/AssayMap.jar" height="600px" width="800px">
    <param name="csvFile" value="http://localhost/applet_test/test.csv">

As far as I understood applet security restrictions, an applet should be able to read data from the host they're on.

These applets here are using the same approach of passing in a text data file as a parameter. So I'm not sure why my own applet isn't working.

I'm reading the file using the javacsv project on sourceforge.

My code for reading the CSV file is:

public static ArrayList<Assay> getData(String file) throws FileNotFoundException, IOException {

    ArrayList<Assay> assays = new ArrayList<Assay>();

    CsvReader reader = new CsvReader(file);
    while (reader.readRecord()){
        int assay_id = Integer.valueOf(reader.get("assay_id"));
        String assay_name = reader.get("assay_name");
        float distance = Float.parseFloat(reader.get("distance"));
        assays.add(new Assay(assay_id, assay_name, distance));

    return assays;

The error message I get thrown is:

Error with processing the CSV data. access denied ( http:\localhost\applet_test\test.csv read)
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Can you provide some code for your read. How you are reading it may make a difference. – justkt Mar 26 '10 at 12:52
I've added the code where I actually read the file. – me_here Mar 26 '10 at 13:00
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You are obviously trying to use "http://localhost/applet_test/test.csv" as a file name and not as a URL. Take a look at the URL and URLConnection classes in the package and use these to read the content instead of

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Thansk very much. I'm now passing an InputStream generated from the URL into CsvReader and it's working perfectly. – me_here Mar 26 '10 at 13:52

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