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I am programming in .NET I have an application setting of type string. On my form I have a textbox. I bound the text property of the textbox to my application setting. If I type something in the textbox it changes the value that is held in the Application setting but the next time I start the program it goes back to the default value. Do I need to call Properties.Settings.Default.Save(); after the text is entered for the new value to be saved? Shouldn't it do this automatically? Is there a way I can make it do it automatically?

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If you want it to be saved automatically, bind a handler to the TextChanged event and call Save() in it. It's just a double click and typing one line of code.

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Yes, you need to call Save explicitly. The binding changes the setting value in memory, but doesn't save the file

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It is common practice to call Properties.Settings.Default.Save(); when close the application (for example, in FormClosing event).

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This is my thought. But, will this cause problems if there are multiple instances of the same application? – Michael Jun 19 '11 at 6:49

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