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I am using a data template to edit properties of a double wrapping type that holds a minimum, maximum and increment ranges of the value. The Value property itself is the value I'm editing within the range specified by Minimum and Maximum. All this works fine, but I would like to route the DoubleUpDown's ValueChanged to raise the PropertyGrid's PropertyValueChanged. Anybody knows how to do that?

<xctk:PropertyGrid x:Name="PropertyGridPulse"
                   SelectedObject="{Binding MyDataSource}"
        <!-- For numeric values-->
                <xctk:TargetPropertyType Type="{x:Type common:EditingParameterDouble}" />
                    <extToolkit:DoubleUpDown Background="GreenYellow"
                                             Value="{Binding Value.Value}"
                                             Minimum="{Binding Value.Minimum}"
                                             Maximum="{Binding Value.Maximum}"
                                             Increment="{Binding Value.Increment}"
                                             IsEditable="{Binding Value.IsEnabled}"
                                             Visibility="{Binding Value.Visibility}"/>
                                             ValueChanged="What goes here???"
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