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Can anyone suggest wich is the fastest way of extracting a big table from db2 and load the data from it into sql db? I don't want to group because I need this level of granularity. Right now I am using an openquery.


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What to you mean by big data? –  AngocA Aug 11 at 8:20
Thank you for your answer. I have in db2 a table wich contains + 20 million rows. I need to do this just one time and I am connected to my db2 via linkedservers. –  Pirvu Georgian Aug 11 at 8:48
That is not "big data". That is just a lot of data in a table. The term "Big Data" is something completely different. –  AngocA Aug 11 at 8:50
I agree, sorry for the terminology. –  Pirvu Georgian Aug 11 at 8:56
And what do you mean by "SQL"? SQL is the language that you use to manipulate a DB2 database. You don't extract to SQL. That's almost like asking "How do you translate a book written in English to language?" –  user2338816 Aug 11 at 13:31

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The command to extract data in DB2 is export. This will generate comma separated values (cvs) files.

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