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For any given String, for instance

val s = "abde"

how to insert a character c: Char at position 2, after b ?


Which Scala collection to consider for multiple efficient insertions and deletions at random positions ? (Assuming that a String may be transformed into that collection.)

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Get the substrings [0,2) and [2,length), and then do sub1 + c + sub2 –  Kvass Aug 11 at 7:12
String sub1 = s.substring(0,2) gives you "ab" –  Kvass Aug 11 at 7:13
Don't forget that strings are immutable –  Aleksey Izmailov Aug 11 at 7:25
@enzyme generally speaking, if you're doing it a lot and you have long strings, rope is the right data structure. IIRC, Scala has no such thing in standard library, though. –  om-nom-nom Aug 11 at 7:41
@om-nom-nom thanks! looks like the way to go... looking for Scala rope implementations... –  enzyme Aug 11 at 8:10

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Try this

val (fst, snd) = s.splitAt(2)
fst + 'c' + snd
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many thanks, note question update... –  enzyme Aug 11 at 7:33
not sure whether Vectors suit for your requirement. check performance characteristics in here –  tiran Aug 11 at 8:39
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Rope data structure proves a valid alternative to String and StringBuffer for heavy manipulation in (very) large strings, especially in regard to insertions and deletions.

Scalaz includes class Rope[A] (see API and Rope.scala) and class WrappedRope[A] (see API) with a plethora of operations on rope strings.

Implementations in Java include http://ahmadsoft.org/ropes/. A benchmarking study for this Java implementation may be found at http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/library/j-ropes/ .

A publication on ropes as an alternative to strings may be found at http://citeseer.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download?doi=

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