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I have an excel table which stores results from a questionnaire. It includes a column where the responder includes multiple responses. I want to treat each response as a separate data point:

Favourite Colour | Age |
Blue, Black      | 12  |
Red, Green, Blue | 11  |
Orange           | 12  |
Black, Blue, Red | 13  |
Red, Black       | 11  |

Which would return:

Blue: 3
Black: 3
Red: 3
Green: 1
Orange: 1

Even better:

12 - Black: 1
   - Blue:  1
   - Orange:1
11 - Red:   2
   - Green: 1

And I would hopefully be able to put this in a graph.

I've done some reading online and come across a LookUp command or LookUpV but am not sure about them so I though I would post a question.

Hopefully I made my point clear enough.

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Assuming the table you give is in A1:B6 (with headers in row 1), and that you put e.g. "Blue" in D2, enter this formula in E2:


This can then be copied down to give similar results for colours in D3, D4, etc.


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I ended up using if and count but thanks anyway –  Monacraft Aug 12 at 8:46

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