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I am having a problem getting a custom soap header to work with PHP5. Can anybody guide me please.

What I require is something like this


What I get is :


I would like to remove the namespace tags. The code I use to get this is:

class Authstuff {
  public $USER;
  public $PASSWORD;

  public function __construct($user, $pass) {
    $this->USER = $user;
    $this->PASSWORD = $pass;

$auth = new Authstuff('myusername', 'mypassword');
$param = array('Authstuff' => $auth);
$authvalues = new SoapVar($auth,SOAP_ENC_OBJECT);

$header = new SoapHeader('',"null",$authvalues);

Null doesn't seem to pass.. with 'null' I still get name space as in second example.. how to exclude this NS... thanks for your help in advance..

$headers = array();
$headers[] = new SoapHeader(null, 'USER', $username);
$headers[] = new SoapHeader(null, 'PASSWORD', $password);

try {
    $result = $client->getAvailableLicensedDNCount('ASX01');

Fatal error: SoapHeader::SoapHeader(): Invalid parameters. Invalid namespace. in /usr/home/deepesh/SoapCalls/deepesh7.php on line 29

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In your example, you are creating only one SoapHeader entry (with namespace, but named 'null'). Your desired result contains two separate header entries (without namespace), so you might try:

$headers = array();
$headers[] = new SoapHeader(NULL, 'USER', $auth->USER);
$headers[] = new SoapHeader(NULL, 'PASSWORD', $auth->PASSWORD);

You'd then pass the $headers array to the soap call (either directly, or upfront via __setSoapHeaders).

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I needed something similar and was able to use an XSD_ANYXML SoapVar to achieve this:

    $auth = "<username>$username</username>";
    $auth .= "<password>$password</password>";
    $auth_block = new SoapVar( $auth, XSD_ANYXML, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL );

    $header = new SoapHeader( '', 'Header', $auth_block );
    $soap_client->__setSoapHeaders( $header );

This resulted in:

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