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Currently I have:

    <smtp from="">

How can I change it so the email is sent with a name and not the email address only?

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Well, in code you need to put the sender's name in quotes, followed by the e-mail address.

new SmtpClient(...).Send("\"John Smith\"", ...); looks like you can encode it into the attribute too...

<smtp from="&quot;John Smith&quot; &lt;;">
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I think you can also put the sender's names in parenthesis after the email address: " (John Smith)" – cfeduke Oct 31 '08 at 2:45
The bracket method is valid and noted as a "legacy" method in the RFC however the "display name" method shown here is recommended. – Adrian Clark Oct 31 '08 at 3:07
Thanks Ty and Aydsman! – Eduardo Molteni Oct 31 '08 at 11:37
I gave this an up point because it works! Thanks so much. – davecoulter Jan 11 '11 at 19:17
<smtp from ="XYZ&lt;;">
<network host="" port="25" userName=""    password="******" enableSsl="true"/>

1)Please Use these setting in app.config file

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