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I'd like to create a view that appears scrolling in from the bottom (on iPad) and sits centered, modally over the currently open view, something like this ...

enter image description here

What would be the straightforward (and recommended) way to do this when developing apps for iOS7 and up? Is it a matter of simply instantiating the view controller class and adding it as a child or are there any better methods to do this, that include automatically managed modality and animation (like for example when adding an UIPopoverViewController)?

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UIPopoverController. Or WYPopoverController (github.com/nicolaschengdev/WYPopoverController) with support of both iPhone/iPad. Note also, starting from iOS 8 UIPopoverController also available on iPhone. –  Petro Korienev Aug 11 at 9:06
Thanks for the links! What would be the recommended way to create a popup view without an arrow? I've read that passing 0/nil as permittedArrowDirections is not officially supported? –  Avalon Aug 11 at 9:37
WYPopoverController has an option WYPopoverArrowDirectionNone –  Petro Korienev Aug 11 at 10:10
Ok, but I can't really make use of WYPopoverController currently as I code in Swift and adding ObjC classes requires bridging which is still a bit of a hurdle for an iOS beginner like me. –  Avalon Aug 11 at 10:37

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