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How would I do the following?

In a single plot, I would like to create multiple box plots, each X variable being a combination of the categorical variables shown below.

# y variable is mpg
mtcars$vs  = as.factor(mtcars$vs)
mtcars$cyl = as.factor(mtcars$cyl)
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If you mean a single plot versus all combinations of the two factors (engine shape (V/S) and cyl), something like so:


enter image description here

(Assuming I have "S" and "V" - for 'straight' and 'vee' engine configurations - the right way around; if the R implementation is consistent with Hocking's 1976 paper - as described on the first page here - I think it should be right)

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You mean something like:

y <- mtcars$mpg
vs <- as.factor(mtcars$vs)
cyl <- as.factor(mtcars$cyl)

plot(formula = y ~ cyl + vs)

Likewise, you could use the lattice package this way:


bwplot( ~ y | vs + cyl)

Note: the only problem with this style of plot is that the result is, in effect, 6 plots in one (since there are 2 levels for "vs" * 3 for "cyl"). Hence, unless you have enough data available for each possible combination, the resulting plot might not end up looking so good...

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