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I have a PL/SQL script Test.sql which consists of three independent queries within it.


  FROM Student ABC, Teacher BCD
 WHERE 1=1
   AND ABC.Period = &Period 
   AND ABC.StudentID = BCD.StudentID;

  from Student ABC
 where not exists(
                  select 1
                    from Teacher BCD
                   where ABC.StudentID = BCD.StudentID
                     AND ABC.Period = &&Period

  from Teacher BCD
 where not exists (
                   select 1
                     from Student ABC
                    where ABC.StudentID = BCD.StudentID
   AND ABC.Period = &&Period;

Question here is, can I use one User prompt and use the user input for all the three queries? I did try using && for the subsequent variables, but that keeps the user input active for the entire session. I may need to run this script multiple times.

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When you use &&varname for the fist time, a substitution variable gets defined and gets undefined only when you restart SQL*PLUS, not the session. So, if you want for SQL*PLUS to prompt you for a new value every time you run you script, you can either undefine the variable and run the script preceding variable name with double ampersand, or use accept command. Here is an example:

  1. Using undefine command:

    undefine period
    -- precede variable name with double ampersand(variable gets defined)  
    -- the first time you reference it in a query.
    -- In subsequent references the variable can be preceded with 
    -- single ampersand.
    and ABC.Period = &&Period  
    and ABC.Period = &Period
  2. Using accept command, which will define <<variable_name>> substitution variable:

    accept period number prompt 'Input period: '
    -- now you can reference `period` substitution variable
    -- in your script prefixing its name with ampersand sign
    and ABC.Period = &period    
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Zillion Thanks Nicholas. That was quick! :) – user2967948 Aug 11 '14 at 10:40

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