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This is the code of 'shared/subnav' partial. When i click on a link it shows error No route matches {:action=>"show", :controller=>"location"} but routes are defined. i think there is some problem in below code.

-if current_page? location_path
  = link_to 'Edit Location', edit_location_path
-if current_page? user_path
  = link_to 'Edit User', edit_user_path
-if current_page? alert_path
  = link_to 'Edit Alert', edit_alert_path

Here are my routes

location GET    /locations/:id(.:format)                        locations#show
user     GET    /users/:id(.:format)                            users#show
alert    GET    /alerts/:id(.:format)                           alerts#show
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show your routes. rake routes – RAJ Aug 11 '14 at 10:10
routes added in question – Murtza Aug 11 '14 at 10:15
look at my answer – RAJ Aug 11 '14 at 10:16
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The bottom line is that since you're defining your routes as member routes, you need to ensure you are passing the appropriate id to each of them:

resources :users, only: [:show, :edit]
resources :locations, only: [:show, :edit]
resources :alerts, only: [:show, :edit]

This means you have to pass an :id value to any of these routes -- which can be done as follows:




The error is clearly being created here:

-if current_page? location_path

As mentioned above, you need to pass a valid "id" to the path, allowing it to pull the required object. You'll need to do the following:

-if current_page? location_path("2")

More pressing, though, are your individual calls to these methods. Surely there must be a better way to manage how this logic is defined. I would try the following:



I think I'd make a helper like this:

Class YourHelper
   def edit_current(controller, object)
      current = controller.singularize
      return link_to "Edit #{current}", eval("edit_#{current}_path(object)")

This should allow you to call:

<%= edit_current(controller_name, @user) %>
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As per your routes, you don't have routes for edit actions of location, user and alert. You have routes for show actions, so add routes for edit for all the three entities and then you need to pass an object which you want to edit:

-if current_page? location_path
  = link_to 'Edit Location', edit_location_path(current_location)
-if current_page? user_path
  = link_to 'Edit User', edit_user_path(current_user)
-if current_page? alert_path
  = link_to 'Edit Alert', edit_alert_path(current_alert)

current_location, current_user, current_alert are the objects that you want to edit.

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Your route helpers are defined, but are expecting an argument. For instance, edit_user_path is expecting to be passed a user object, so it knows which user you want to edit.

For users, you may be able to get away with something like edit_user_path current_user, but for other objects you will probably have to pass them in to your partial.

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Your show path also expecting some id value while comparing with current_page. have a look at below code this will solve your problem.

-if current_page? location_path(current_location or some id)
  = link_to 'Edit Location', edit_location_path(current_location or some id)
-if current_page? user_path(current_user or some id)
  = link_to 'Edit User', edit_user_path(current_user or some id)
-if current_page? alert_path(current_alert or some id)
  = link_to 'Edit Alert', edit_alert_path(current_alert or some id)
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