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So following some of the examples out there I created a new Silverlight Navigation application with RIA services enabled. Built the entity model, added a domain service and tested whether or not I could get some data to the client. This works fine.

But many of the examples show off how they use the Data Sources window to simply drag data fields onto a window... in my case however there are no data sources in the data sources window.

In the demo's and mix sessions this just appears out of the blue :p Anyway how can I get my DomainService defined in the web project to show up as one of the data sources in the data sources window?

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Are you using the new Release Candidate of VS2010 and Silverlight?

Also, the data sources view will only work when you are on a XAML page in the main editor window.

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Yep, the RC1 with the latest hotfix , silverlight tools and I'm in the right place – TimothyP Mar 27 '10 at 10:33
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This was a known bug in the previous versions with the following workaround:

Basically this happened when you installed VS2010 on any drive other than c:\

The issue has been resolved in Ria Services 1.0 :-)

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