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I have an edm template input/generated by a web frontend, and I have to replace all merge tags in the format *|TAG_NAME|* with its corresponding value.

I tried to use the below RegEx but it seems I got an error on the | characters.


Below is a sample template (in json format):

"fields": [
    "key": "member_id",
    "label": "Member ID",
    "value": "*|member_id|*"

Any help is appreciated!

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Depending on which language you are using, | might need to be backslash-escaped to be taken literally. Which language are you using and what is the error message? –  tripleee Aug 11 at 10:59
@tripleee i'm using javascript on nodejs. –  sunnycmf Aug 11 at 16:02

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| is a special regex metacharacter (means OR), therefore you have to escape it with \

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