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I'm currently working on designing a database schema for a clinic (a pregnancy clinic). I need to create a place to store data for lab tests, currently we have like 6 test types but in the future this maybe extended. I only can think of two approaches here:

  1. Create a separate table for each test type and store the test in related tables: the problem is that when ever we need to introduce a new test type we have to create it's own new table.
  2. using EAV design: the problem is here it is almost impossible to guarantee data consistency and enforcing check constrains on the data.

what i have done so far is this: enter image description here

test table: common fields for tests.
test_testValue: the pair of test property and value.
test_value_type: test properties (for a specific test type there cloud be multiple test properties).
test_type: the test types the clinic perform.

in such approach: when saving a test there is no evaluation that all the test values have the same test type.

what is the solution for this?

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