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I have 2 tables - Table A with primary key column of type binary(16) and another table B with foreign key referring to the same column but with data type as varchar(50). So table A has values like 0x0007914BFFEC4603A6900045492EFA1A and table B has the same value stored as 0007914BFFEC4603A6900045492EFA1A.

How do i compare these 2 columns, which would give me

0007914BFFEC4603A6900045492EFA1A = 0x0007914BFFEC4603A6900045492EFA1A
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possible duplicate of SQL Server converting varbinary to string –  Paul Williams Aug 11 at 13:41
added sql-server-2005 tag, which explains why Paul's solution did no work –  kristof Aug 11 at 14:23

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You will need to convert the binary(16) to a string. A sample of how to do this can be found in the question below. This question converts a varbinary to a string, but the same technique can be used for a binary column or variable:

SQL Server converting varbinary to string

Example code for how to do this is below:

declare @bin binary(16), @str varchar(50)
set @bin = 0x0007914BFFEC4603A6900045492EFA1A
set @str = '0007914BFFEC4603A6900045492EFA1A'

select @bin as'binary(16)', @str as 'varchar(50)'

-- the binary value is not equal to the string value
-- this statement returns 'binary value is not equal to string'
if @bin = @str select 'binary value is equal to string'
else select 'binary value is not equal to string'

declare @binstr varchar(50)
select @binstr = convert(varchar(50), @bin, 2)
select @binstr

-- the converted string value matches the other string
-- the result of this statement is "converted string is equal"
if @binstr = @str select 'converted string is equal'
else select 'converted string is NOT equal'

To use this in a join, you can include the conversion in the ON clause of the inner join or in a WHERE clause:

select *
from TableA
inner join TableB
    on TableB.char_fk = convert(varchar(50), TableA.bin_pk, 2)


For SQL Server 2005, you can use an XML approach shown by Peter Larsson here:

-- Prepare value
SET     @bin = 0x5BAA61E4C9B93F3F0682250B6CF8331B7EE68FD8

-- Display the results
SELECT @bin AS OriginalValue,
        CAST('' AS XML).value('xs:hexBinary(sql:variable("@bin"))', 'VARCHAR(MAX)') AS ConvertedString

You can also use the undocumented function sys.fn_varbintohexstr, but as this post on dba.stackexchange.com explains, there are several reasons why you should avoid it.

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This does not work, i need to convert either binary to varchar or vice versa to be abel to equate these 2 - 0x0007914BFFEC4603A6900045492EFA1A and '0007914BFFEC4603A6900045492EFA1A' –  patil.rahulk Aug 11 at 13:49
Those are the example values I used in my code above. The code converts binary to varchar for comparison. Did the code not work, or do you need something else? –  Paul Williams Aug 11 at 13:54
I included a sample of how to do this conversion in a join. –  Paul Williams Aug 11 at 13:56
I'm confused. When I run this code, it gives me exactly the same value, and the second comparison returns "converted string is equal". –  Paul Williams Aug 11 at 13:58
I updated my answer with a SQL 2005 solution using XML and a link to some reasons to avoid the undocumented function sys.fn_varbintohexstr. –  Paul Williams Aug 11 at 15:07

CONVERT with style 2 to get a binary representation of the hexadecimal string;

... where TableA.bin_pk = CONVERT(VARBINARY, TableB.char_fk, 2) 
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CONVERT(VARBINARY, '0007914BFFEC4603A6900045492EFA1A', 2) gives 0x303030373931344246464543343630334136393030303435343932454641 –  patil.rahulk Aug 11 at 13:51
What version of SQL Server? The above should work on 2k8+ –  Alex K. Aug 11 at 13:52
SQL version is 2005 –  patil.rahulk Aug 11 at 13:52

The correct aproach is to set both fields in the same datatype. in order to to do this create a new table say temp and use select into and convert:

select field1,...,convert(varchar(50),varbinary(16),fieldToConvert)...,fieldN

into myNewTable
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Found the answer. I need to use

master.dbo.fn_varbintohexstr (@source) 

which converts a varbinary to varchar, and then works perfectly well for comparison in my scenario.

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