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how to select all the data from many tables? i try

`"SELECT * FROM `table1`, `table2`"`

, but result none understandable for me. it returns only some rows from table1, and 3 times all the data from table2. i've red one same question here, but don't understand the answer. so could you help me? thanks in advance.


when i try

(SELECT * FROM `table1`) UNION (SELECT * FROM `table2`)

it returns #1222 - The used SELECT statements have a different number of columns

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Is there a relationship between table1 and table2? Common column, etc? –  Dan Mar 26 '10 at 15:48
You have to select the same number of items from table1 and table2 to use them in an union. Try to : SELECT a, b, c, d FROM table1 UNION SELECT a, b, c, NULL FROM table2 If table1 has more fields than table2, or viceversa –  Simone Margaritelli Mar 26 '10 at 15:54

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Use the UNION SELECT construct

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By doing that select with the "," between 2 tables and no WHERE clause, you are doing an implicit cross join of the 2 tables (all combinations of rows between the 2 tables). This is likely Not What You Want. See UNION, as mentioned by other answers.

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How do you want the data displayed? Are both tables of the same schema? If so you could use the UNION operator.


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If you are just trying to show the data from many tables and there is no relationship between the data, you have to program logic instead of database logic.

show tables (SQL command)
foreach result (programming language of your choice)
select * from tablename (SQL command)

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