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I have a Windows routine (written in C#) that I am trying to port to iOS Objective-C. It consists of the following code using regular expressions:

r = new Regex(@"></div>Authors?:? "); // get start of "Authors:"
m = r.Match(page, m1.Index);
if (m.Success) {
r1 = new Regex("/\">"); // find start of actual author's name
m1 = r1.Match(page, m.Index + 16);
if (m1.Success) {
r = new Regex("</a>[<BR>]?"); // find end of author
m = r.Match(page, m1.Index + 3);
if (m.Success)
author.Text = page.ToString().Substring(m1.Index + 3, m.Index - (m1.Index + 3));

Going against this HTML line segment:

</div>Authors: <a href="/author/Clarissa_Pinkola_Estes/">Clarissa Pinkola Estes</a>

The C# code above bypasses the first instance of author's name and gives me the string between > and <.

Is there a way using NSScanner and regex to accomplish this without the C# logic (which works)?

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Maybe this in C# can be used in nsscanner (which I don't know)

 # </div>Authors: <a href="/author/Clarissa_Pinkola_Estes/">Clarissa Pinkola Estes</a>
 # ------------------------------------
 # @"</div>Authors:[^<]*<[^>]+>([^<]+)</a>"

 </div>Authors: [^<]* < [^>]+ > 
 ( [^<]+ )                          # (1)

 # Capture group 1 contains 'Clarissa Pinkola Estes'
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No problem, though Regex is a transferrable language all by itself and this regex is non-specific to any language. –  sln Aug 11 at 17:54
Or even, does nsscanner do regex at all? –  sln Aug 11 at 18:29
I don't think it does. Maybe an external kit like this would work. –  sln Aug 11 at 19:07
RegExKit is only for desktop (OS X), not mobile (iOS) –  spokane-dude Aug 11 at 19:37
Says iPhone but a lot of licensing jibberish with it. –  sln Aug 11 at 19:55

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