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I have gitolite setup and working with SSH key based auth. I can control access to repos via the gitolite-admin.git repo and the conf file. All of this works great over SSH but I would like to use GitWeb as a quick way to view the repos.

GitWeb is working great now but shows all repositories via the web interface. So my goal here is to:

  • Authenticate users in apache2 via PAM, I already have the Ubuntu server authenticating aginst AD and all the users are available. This should not be an issue.
  • Use the user name logged in with the check gitolite permissions
  • Display apropriate REPOS in the web interface.

Does anyone have a starting point for this? The Apache part shouldn't be difficult, and I'll set it to auth all fo the /gitweb/ url. I dont know how to pass that username around and authorize it against gitolite. Any ideas?



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Yes, it is possible, but you need to complete the gitweb config scripts in order to call gitolite.

The key is in the gitweb_config.perl: if that file exists, gitweb will include and call it.
See my gitweb/gitweb_config.perl file:

our $home_link_str = "ITSVC projects";
our $site_name = "ITSVC Gitweb";
use lib (".");
require "gitweb.conf.pl";

In gitweb/gitweb.conf.pl (custom script), I define the official callback function called by gitweb: export_auth_hook: that function will call gitolite.

use Gitolite::Common;
use Gitolite::Conf::Load;
#$ENV{GL_USER} = $cgi->remote_user || "gitweb";

$export_auth_hook = sub {
  my $repo = shift;
  my $user = $ENV{GL_USER};
  # gitweb passes us the full repo path; so we strip the beginning
  # and the end, to get the repo name as it is specified in gitolite conf
  return unless $repo =~ s/^\Q$projectroot\E\/?(.+)\.git$/$1/;

  # check for (at least) "R" permission
  my $ret = &access( $repo, $user, 'R', 'any' );
  my $res = $ret !~ /DENIED/;

  return ($ret !~ /DENIED/);

From the comments:

GL_USER is set because of the line:

$ENV{GL_USER} = $cgi->remote_user || "gitweb";

$cgi->remote_user will pick the environment REMOTE_USER set by any Apache Auth module which has completed the authentication (like in this Apache configuration file).
You can print it with a 'die' line.

"Could not find Gitolite/Rc.pm" means the INC variable used by perl doesn't contain $ENV{GL_LIBDIR}; (set to ~/gitolite/lib or <any_place_where_gitolite_was_installed>/lib).
That is why there is a line in the same gitweb/gitweb.conf.pl file which adds that to INC:

unshift @INC, $ENV{GL_LIBDIR};
use lib $ENV{GL_LIBDIR};
use Gitolite::Rc;

Edit from Nat45928: in my case I needed to insert my home path into all the '@H@' entries. That solved all of my issues right away.

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Ok, I think I follow all of this. How does GitWeb Know the inital username to start all of this with? –  nat45928 Aug 11 '14 at 16:56
@nat45928 because of the line $ENV{GL_USER} = $cgi->remote_user || "gitweb";: the authentication is supposed to be done by Apache before calling gitweb: see github.com/VonC/compileEverything/blob/…: the last line is calling gitweb DirectoryIndex gitweb.cgi. –  VonC Aug 11 '14 at 17:01
Ah, ok. And the $cgi->remote_user is pulling the info from the Apache2 session setup with the "AuthType form" entry? So any type of Apache Auth mod can be used? Thanks for the help! –  nat45928 Aug 11 '14 at 17:15
@nat45928 yes, as long as that Auth mod (httpd.apache.org/docs/current/howto/auth.html) has set the $REMOTE_USER variable. –  VonC Aug 11 '14 at 17:19
@nat45928 yes, $cgi->remote_user will have the content of $REMOTE_USER. I generally set some die debug lines to check its content, as in github.com/VonC/compileEverything/blob/… –  VonC Aug 11 '14 at 17:29

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