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I would like to have a picture as a background. I've written it in my CSS stylesheet as following:

body {
  backgroung-image: url('link to my picture');
  width: 600px; 

When looking at this in the browser I see maybe a fifth of it since it is so big. Is my width property doing anything in the code above? How can I adjust the size of the picture so it fits the HTML element?

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The width of your statement is defining the width of the body in its entirety, NOT the width of the background image. –  Ryan_W4588 Aug 11 at 17:10
That, and you have a typo backgroung-image: should be background-image –  Ryan_W4588 Aug 11 at 17:11
I would suggest you change the size of you picture (using Photoshop or another image manipulation software) to be the size you need it to be. –  user2933885 Aug 11 at 17:11
I have edited my answer to make it more clear to you. –  Alex Incarnati Aug 11 at 18:30

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Use background-size: cover; to make the background-image cover the whole body element.

        background: url('http://placehold.it/350x150') no-repeat;

Note: I have used no-repeat because the default value for background-repeat: is repeat;.

If this syntax makes more sense to you then can use this one as well:

        background: url('http://placehold.it/350x150');

DEMO http://jsfiddle.net/a_incarnati/puakv13x/

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Thanks! What does the "no repeat" command do? –  BjornRunow Aug 11 at 17:24
I did this and now the width is okey, but vertially I can not see the entire picture, how do I handle that? –  BjornRunow Aug 11 at 17:24
@BjornRunow You might need to change from "cover" to "contain", or if you don't mind stretching "100% 100%". As for the "no repeat", it just forces the background not to be repeated(only appliciable if image is smaller than view) –  VelocityHD Aug 11 at 17:27
You can also adapt background-position: center center; for example –  Alex Incarnati Aug 11 at 17:28
I'm not sure because I should see your design and code to tell you what to apply :) –  Alex Incarnati Aug 11 at 17:28

It seems like you have a spelling error (backgroung-image: url('link to my picture')) this should be changed to background-image: url('link to my picture').

The answer to your question

How can I adjust the size of the picture so it fits the HTML element?

Do this by adding a background-size:contain. You can also define how many pixels you want it to be; background-size: 150px 100px the numbers are (x, y). It may also be required adding a background-repeat: no-repeat if image is not scaled.

Take a look at this site: http://www.w3schools.com/cssref/css3_pr_background-size.asp

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Thanks for your answer! I have not yet understood what the "no repeat" command does, please explain that if you have time. I changed to background-size: 600px 200px but then it became too small. <br> Do I have to "guess" how many pixels wide and tall it should be to get it perfect? I tried putting 100% but then only the width was perfect and I saw about 75% vertically. –  BjornRunow Aug 11 at 17:31
I'd humbly request to stop linking to w3schools. It contains lots of outdated and misleading information. –  T J Aug 11 at 17:33
@TJ I do know of the fact with outdated material, but the page really describes stuff well for "newbies" who just started with web development. I suppose it's good using it very early, but when we reach a certain point, we start to learn from newer and more advanced sources. Not long ago, i was in BjornRunow's place, w3schools helped me a lot in the beginning –  VelocityHD Aug 12 at 17:48
@BjornRunow Don't forget marking an answer as correct –  VelocityHD Aug 12 at 17:50

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