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I would like to use Performance Monitor to check the CPU consumption of my process. Right now I am working on a MultiCore machine.

If I have a look at my process in TASK MANAGER I see that my process consumes 20% of CPU. If I start performance monitor, I select Process->->% Processor Time I see values peaking up and over 100%. Do you know why and how to get the real measure?

I also looked at the CPU consumption for all of my 4 cores, but I don't know exactly how to attribute consumption to my process.

If you can suggest a link or url about how to read CPU usage I would really appreciate! Thanks a lot! AFG

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Try Process Explorer from Sysinternals. Very useful.

This article explains what you are seeing.

Basically Task Manager averages the cores together, and Performance Monitor sums up the the Process's time on each core. So, % Processor Time on a system with 4 cores could go up to 400. N * 100 = MaxValue; Where N is the number of cores/processors in the system.

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Thanks! I knew it! The thing is that I would like to stick for now on PerformanceMonitor since because on my C# app I can add my counters... Thanks anyway! Mn –  Abruzzo Forte e Gentile Mar 26 '10 at 17:00
@AFG: Does my edited answer answer your question? –  VoidDweller Mar 29 '10 at 21:48

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