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If I come across something like #include "somewhere/myheader.h" can I automatically jump to that header somehow? (Similar to how gtags works?)

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call (ffap-bindings) in your ~/.emacs. That will bind C-x C-f to find-file-at-point.

Then place the cursor on the include line (inside the file-path) and press C-x C-f

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ffap is great. Just beware that it goes in the way of ido-mode, when ido tries to rebind stuff, it will rebind 'find-file only, and not 'find-file-at-point. As a consequence <kbd>C-x C-f</kbd> would only be stick with 'find-file-at-point. Ido being quite popular, one solution could be to disable ffap bindings and activate a similar feature for ido with (setq ido-use-filename-at-point 'guess) . –  yves Baumes Jul 13 '13 at 12:29

With CEDET (a standalone package for now; will be a part of Emacs 23.2) you get the command semantic-decoration-include-visit which does what you want.

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