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Recently I have tried to bind custom domain name to azure web role.

I am able to view home page of my myapp.cloudapp.net site with my.domain, but when I try to go by any link /Controller/Action redirect fails. When I try manual type address as Azure MVC role - my.domain/.... my registrant say me this page not exists.What configuration should I apply to fix this (if this is related to azure). I have used this guide. I have specified

  CNAME www --> myapp.cloudapp.net

  Url Pointer --> http://myapp.cloudapp.net

Something else? Thanks.


   From technical support:


   I was able to replicate the issue. It appears like when you stealth redirect your 
   domain 'my.domain' http://app.cloudapp.net/ is using some frame breaker  
   code to restrict the access to http://app.cloudapp.net/Account/Login . 
   I suggest you to contact administrators of app://app.cloudapp.net/ regarding the issue. 

   I have tested by stealth redirecting domain 'my.domain' some other URL and it worked fine. 

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All you should need is the CNAME record for "www". Remove the URL pointer and if your domain registrar allows forwarding, then forward the root domain to www.customdomain.com

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removing pointer doesnt resolve issue.instead I am not able rich even home page. – tony Aug 11 '14 at 22:11

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