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Ok, I've got a lightbox with a small form (2 fields) in it, inside an UpdatePanel, and I want to close this lightbox (must be done via javascript) when the 'Save' button is pressed.

However, there is a need to have a server-side CustomValidator on the page, and I only want to close the lightbox if this returns as valid.

Does anyone know a way to trigger javascript (or jQuery) code from a server-side validator?

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You can add a little snippet of code using the ScriptManager to execute after the response comes back to the UpdatePanel.

if (Page.IsValid){

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Hmm, interesting idea. –  Ed Woodcock Mar 26 '10 at 17:27

When that server side validator runs, it will send a whole new page to the browser. Anything that was shown in the browser before was destroyed, including any state kept in your javascript. If new page bears a strong resemblance to the old page, you should consider this a happy coincidence.

Therefore, the thing to do here is rather than executing a javascript function, have your CustomValidator make the correct changes to the page on success so that it's rendered to the browser correctly in the first place.

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Unfortunately, the lightbox simply will not work like that, it's a jQuery lightbox (built on top of FaceBox) which cannot be left open after a postback without removing it from the updatepanel context. It's complex, hence my need to run some javascript code when valid, as opposed to just making the lightbox invisible or something. –  Ed Woodcock Mar 26 '10 at 17:30

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