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Do I go back to the "old" way of manually creating a template or downloading free ones again. For a little bit I thought a grid was the new thing and the best, now it appears I am wrong after all and not sure of best practice.

And, yes, I can write my own CSS but didn't want to create the infrastructure if I didn't have to.

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Perosnally I use the YUI stylesheets and sometimes the YUI grid builder. I don't use their whole framework, but just some of their stylesheets. It keeps everything really lightweight and it's still all just standard CSS.

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I don't see anything wrong with using a framework to rapid prototype your design, as long as when that design is approved by your client / boss you clean it up and remove the unnecessary parts.

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You can make your own grid layout with the Variable Grid System (css grid framework). It works for fixed and fluid layouts.

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