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In terms of general operating system concepts, what is the difference between a file and a record?

How the OS will manage them? I know what a file is and what a record is but how it is distinguished in an OS?

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I got the answer

A file is a collection or set of records.

Typically, In database sense, A Group of records makes a file.

A group of attributes makes a record

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sorry for posting the answer directly.but i found it r8 now.thank u.please dont scold me –  Manoj Doubts Oct 31 '08 at 4:06

These days, on Win32 and *nix at least, there is no difference. A file is just a bag of bytes to the OS, and it's left up to applications to manage and work with those bytes, either all at once or one record at a time.

The days of defining record formats and i/o sources in JCL are long gone.

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The Good answer is that 1 ""A collection of related fields treated as a single unit is called a record. A collection of related record treated as a single unit is called a file or a data set""

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