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I have two google line charts. I have made code for them in single function and call it on google.setOnLoadCallback() event. But at first time when page loads I want to show only one chart and other chart should call on clicking button. Also on clicking the button I have shown and hidden charts on their names but I want to show only one chart at the first time. I have also tried to show first chart but when I click for other chart then it gets spread in width and demolish the UI. So any help will be appreciated.

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You should initially draw with both chart containers visible, as drawing inside a hidden div breaks the Visualization API's internal dimension detection algorithms (which is why your chart draws incorrectly when hidden). Use a "ready" event handler to hide the chart when it is finished drawing:

google.visualization.events.addListener(hiddenChart, 'ready', function () {
    document.querySelector('#hiddenChartDiv').style.display = 'none';

Place the event handler after creating the chart but before drawing it.

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