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I cannot figure out a query to this, everything I find is immediately not doable thanks to the "group by" aspect of this.

ID   |    Username   | Age | arbitrary
1    |      bob      | 10  | 34
2    |      bob      | 10  | 54
3    |     alice     | 10  | 123

Where IDs 1 and 2 would both get deleted and have alice untouched. I've managed to create a web app that has a problem like this and would like to apply a unique(username, age) to patch it, but due to duplicates I can't.

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DELETE FROM thetable dd
    SELECT *
    FROM thetable xx
    WHERE xx.username = dd.username
    AND xx.age = dd.age
    AND xx.id <> dd.id   -- if you want to delete ALL duplicates
    -- AND xx.id < dd.id -- if you want to keep only ONE of the duplicates
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This worked out for me. –  John T Aug 12 '14 at 17:55

To get around the "group by" aspect you can use a window function:

with duplicates as (
   select id, 
          count(*) over (partition by username, age) as dup_count
   from the_table
select *
from duplicates
where dup_count > 1;

More about window functions in the manual:

This can be combined with a delete statement:

with duplicates as (
   select id, 
          count(*) over (partition by username, age) as dup_count
   from the_table
delete from the_table
where id in (select id 
             from duplicates 
             where dup_count > 1);

The above uses a data modifying CTE. More details about that can be found in the manual:

SQLFiddle example: http://sqlfiddle.com/#!15/8b0e3/1

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DELETE FROM tablename 
WHERE username IN (SELECT username
              FROM (SELECT row_number() OVER (PARTITION BY username), username
                       FROM tablename) x 
             WHERE x.row_number > 1);


 ID   |    Username   | Age | arbitrary
 3    |     alice     | 10  |   123
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This would delete duplicate usernames only, not a combo of the age column. My bad about not being too clear about that. –  John T Aug 12 '14 at 14:27

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