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Everyone Its my first time using linux and its my first time using debian. Yesterday i spent a full day trying to install debian and finally got It work and I am currently running Debian wheezy KDE on a samsung galaxy note 10.1 I want to (run) a .jar file (not extract) but I am getting an error when clicking on it. [img]http://s30.postimg.org/3jsijyixd/Screenshot_2014_08_13_09_11_43.png[/img] I try also java -jar filename it does not work. [img]http://s8.postimg.org/e36fovf5h/Screenshot_2014_08_13_09_15_30.png[/img] I try to open with java jdk 7 it seems to work but nothing appear.

Sorry cant post more screenshot even thought i have 2 more... because the site is preventing me . 1. can someone confirm that debian can execute .jar file? 2. is there a solution to it or is it a bug that need to be fix by the programmer?

Can someone help me run .jar file on debian?

Thanks in Advance

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