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I have installed latest version of Vagrant and VirtualBox in a Windows Desktop. After do some changes in a linux virtual machine I ran

vagrant halt

vagrant up

then the problem appears. The vm has some trouble, I can see it by the preview of VirtualBox Administrator but I don't know how to open console (like you do in Vmware) to fix the problem.

At the end vagrant gets a timeout but this problem makes that the other vm of the Vagrantfile will also won't boot.

Is there any way to open a console in VBox to fix this kind of problems?


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Won't help with already started VM, but you can enable the VirtualBox GUI in the Vagrantfile:

config.vm.provider "virtualbox" do |v|
  v.gui = true
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Ey, thanks I will try it right now –  Rubendob Aug 13 '14 at 7:19
This is my best trick for troubleshooting startup problems (usual symptom: timeout while trying to SSH). When starting in GUI mode you'll learn whether something at boot time is stuck or prompting for input. (E.g. grub boot loader.) –  BrianC Aug 13 '14 at 21:34
So if this is the answer, OP should accept it. –  BMW Dec 16 '14 at 11:07

Do you mean, vagrant ssh ? This will open a SSH connection to your VM.

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No, it's not possible to do a $vagrant ssh or simply open a ssh with putty because virtual machine has any kind of trouble, I can see it by the preview console so obviously, linux is not able to start the init process and start ssh daemon. VM is stucked with a kind of menu and I can not do anything. –  Rubendob Aug 12 '14 at 9:41
Sorry then... I don't know. –  Kevin Labécot Aug 12 '14 at 9:45

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