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Trying to get some capistrano deployment scripts to work from a Vagrant Ubuntu VM over Windows to a remote Ubuntu server is failing trying to access github:

Running /usr/bin/env git ls-remote -h on x.y.z.a
DEBUG[28ec78e1]         Error reading response length from authentication socket.
DEBUG[28ec78e1]         Permission denied (publickey).
  1. ssh -T behaves properly in the VM: (hello you, .... message displayed)
  2. git is properly set up on the remote machine: (can do a pull w/ username + password, as I don't want to leave my key out on the forward)
  3. I believe the scripts to be healthy (other users can successfully run the deployment script as-is)
  4. I have tried this with and without ssh-agent-forwarding turned on in the vagrant file - no joy.

What other knobs are there to tweak?

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This was an unexpected solution, so I'll post it for anyone else having mysterious deployment issues:

  • local git had been set up using the https url
  • remote git had been set up using the public keys.
  • deployment appears to validate its keys using the local git first.

There appear to be some issues with mixing the flavors; a clean checkout on the local machine using the git ssh-clone url and the problems went away.

It doesn't quite make sense that this should be the change, but a source diff of the two local repositories shows no changes. Odd.

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