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A problem with a delphi application using TADOQuery:

I have TDBDateTimeEditEh control on my form and a TADOquery with a datetime column. The datetimeEdit control has no datasource: I set its value programmatically on form show for user to edit. When I do this:

procedure X;
var dt : TDateTime;
  dt := dateTimeEdit.Value; // ok, no problem
  myQueryStartDate.AsDateTime := dt; // ok, no problem

Posting the query throws EDataBaseError : Invalid character value for cast specification. I also use the same query with a data-aware control (e.g. Tdbgrideh) and this issue doesn't happen. It only happens when I directly assign a TDateTime value to this field and try to post. Any advice?

UPD I am using Embarcadero Delphi 2010 14.0


The SQL is

select * from participants p left outer join approvals a on  
a.job_id = p.job_id and  a.p_id = p.p_id 
where p.job_id = :id.

The field StartDate refers to db column startdate datetime not null. The query behaves correctly except in situation described above.

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Clearly it's something in the ADOQuery's SQL that's trying to do a CAST. You failed to include that information, so it's difficult to provide any more help. –  Ken White Aug 12 '14 at 12:38

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